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Idahone V-Type ceramic rod sharpeners make it quick and simple to keep knives sharp for daily use. The sharpening rods are held firm in the fine oak base at preset 15-degree and 22-degree angles, allowing knife blades to be drawn across each rod with precision and accuracy every time. This ensures optimal edge retention for all blade types, including wedge, concave, hollow-ground, and serrated.


Because our V-Type sharpeners are so easy to use with the rods held at the correct angles for thinning or finishing, they are ideal for either amateur home cooks or fast-moving professional chefs, butchers, and meat packers.

Our V-Type holders feature Idahone’s superior ceramic rods with single- or double-angle configuration. All of our bases are handcrafted with spring-loaded rod storage so the units can be conveniently kept in a drawer when not in use.  Adjustable handguards are available for added safety.  

With four models to choose from, there is a V-Type sharpening system that will work in any kitchen.

V-Type Ceramic Rod Sharpeners