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What is High Alumina Ceramic?

January 31, 2016


With so many different types of knife sharpening tools available, one may ask “What makes a ceramic sharpener stand-out?”


Buying a high-quality knife is always the smartest way to go in any instance, but one thing you need to remember is this – behind every good knife should be even better knife sharpener. Would you buy a $100,000 car and then put cheap tires, or low-grade oil and gas in it?

No, you would buy the best!


You want to find a sharpener that won’t ruin your cutlery after long term use or even become dull and useless after a time.  Remember this, knives/blades become slightly dull after each use due to a buildup of material along the edge. The best way to keep your knives clean with a sharp beveled edge is to use an abrasive. Using a sharpening tool made with an abrasive removes the buildup safely without deforming the blade.


If you go into someone’s home 9 out of 10 times, you will most likely find a steel rod in their knife set or cutlery draw. Steel is great, but it is not sharpening your knife it is just maintaining the blade. Steel tends to wear out and will not remove the actual build-up that forms on the edge. You need a product that will not waste away or corrode.


That is why we created sharpening tools made especially with a high quality abrasive, HAC that will not begin to erode after use.  HAC or more commonly known as High Alumina Ceramic is obtained when aluminum oxide crystals are heated until it forms a glassy texture. It is then bonded together with a nonporous body such as ceramic. Once sintered, the alumina ceramic becomes an extremely durable abrasive which not only lasts longer but is extremely easy to clean and maintain.


The best part of this is that these sharpeners don’t just work on cutlery, they are excellent for sharpening your all your tools. Making them one of the most versatile and valuable tools in your home or business.

So, next time you are searching for the best knife, remind yourself, your knives are only as good as the sharpener.

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