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Triangular Honing Rods


We also offer 7-inch triangular sharpening rods made with our superior high-alumina ceramic. Available in fine, medium, or coarse grit, triangular stones are a great choice for use on flat edges, awls, darts, fishhooks, punches, and more. Our triangular rods are also suitable as replacement rods for Spyderco triangle models.


Pocket Sharpeners


In addition to our full-size product lines, we also offer a convenient dual-rod pocket sharpener made with the same superior high-alumina ceramic, handcrafted wood, and quality workmanship that makes Idahone ceramic sharpeners the best choice for keeping all your knives sharp at home or in the field.

Rod Replacements


Idahone’s ceramic rods, also known as crock sticks are extremely durable and rarely wear out from normal use. However, if your rod becomes damaged, we have replacements available for any of our V-type sharpening systems. Available individually or in full rod sets.


Ceramic Rod Cleaner


Keep your ceramic rods clean and free of residue with a Superaser fibrous eraser block. The Superaser/ Super Eraser  is a fantastic product for removing the fine metal shavings that inherently build up over time. Just as you regularly maintain your cutlery, periodic care for your honing rod will keep it looking and working like new.