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You Love Your Knives.   So Do We.



High-alumina ceramic has a near-diamond hardness, making it the ideal choice for keeping Japanese or European-style blades at their sharpest and ready for the rigorous demands of daily use by even the most discerning chefs.  

Every Idahone product is sourced and produced in the USA with superior materials and workmanship. Our handles and bases are handcrafted with hard rock maple or fine oak and come in several easy-to-use configurations.

Whether you’re a novice home cook, culinary hobbyist, or professional chef, our tools keep your tools at their best.

Please contact us if you need assistance with selecting the right sharpening tool for your cutlery.

At Idahone, we know your cutlery is an investment—maintaining a precision edge is essential to preserving your blades for a lifetime of use.  Our top-of-the-line, high-alumina ceramic knife sharpeners, ceramic honing rods, bench stones, and pocket sharpeners have been designed to deliver a razor-sharp edge for any steel cutting implement from culinary, collectible, utility and pocket knives to scissors, straight razors, tools and machine blades.

Sharpen knives like a pro with our V-Type series! Our hard wood base holds high-alumina ceramic rods at the exact angles needed to maintain a precision edge with ease. Simple enough for novice cooks and convenient enough for 

seasoned pros. Available in single-or double-V configurations.


A favorite among traditionalist – the handheld single rod sharpener is a staple in any kitchen. Idahone has perfected this classic design with a high-alumina ceramic bull-nose rod that is extremely hard and durable. Several size and color options to choose from.

Bench stones are the workhorse of all sharpeners, and our ceramic stones are up to the challenge! Available in medium, fine and ultra fine grit, we offer the best sharpening stones for heavy duty jobs that keep tools and machinery performing to perfection.

From pocket sharpeners and triangular stones to replacement rods and ceramic hone cleaning supplies, we’ve got everything you need to protect and maintain all of your steel-edged tools and cutlery.